Why Partnering with Meridian West

Makes Sound Business Sense

Specific plan: Meridian West Holdings is executing a specific plan for acquiring underperforming Mom & Pop properties with growth potential in the St. Louis market. These assets will then be repositioned to meet the growing needs for safe, clean, and efficient housing.
Growing wealth: The purchasing of underperforming multifamily properties is an excellent way to grow wealth. There is a combination of appreciation, monthly cash flow, equity build-up from principal payment, and tax benefits. Our goal is to target properties that are too large for most individual investors and too small for institutional investors.
Attractive returns: We strive for cash-on-cash returns of 10% and cap rates of >8%. This high return rate coupled with the equity built over time makes our multifamily investing approach a sought-after option for any wealth building strategy.

A Meridian West Holdings, Our Mission is clear

Create a best-in-class experience for our partners and stakeholders


allowing them to focus on what matters most to them.

Core Values


We have a passion and drive for winning, not through coincidence and luck, but through hard work, commitment, and dedication.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do.


We have an unwavering focus on ensuring the safety and care of our people, partners, and stakeholders to earn their respect and loyalty.


We are growing and abundance-minded. We embrace the unknown and are energized by the bold and different.


We put people first by understanding their individual strengths and needs. We embrace and lead with honesty and transparency.